Part II – PA & OH

Part II – PA & OH

We drove another 675 miles today. Our final destination was New Albany, Ohio, but we took the road less traveled, as usual. And we got the snow I’ve wanted …
So, we seriously tried to travel down this “road” to get to the fire tower lookout for Mt. Davis, the highest point in PA. That was a baaaaad decision. We got stuck and it took some time to get it out … oopsies. Oh well, no fire tower this time. Just the highpoint sign. We also stopped at the Shanksville, PA, the site of the Flight 93 September 11th crash. They are planning to build up the memorial some more, but the story was still moving.
Other than those 2 adventures, it was smooth sailing. One thing I noticed about PA. There are a lot of trucks and 24-hour Starbucks.

We are now watching Monday night football with theHoss and plotting our next route.
Oh, and do you like J’s new trend he started?
PS – I think the unemployment extension passed today?!

2 responses to “Part II – PA & OH”

  1. Misti says:

    Wow, a high point that the AT doesn't pass through?

    You also didn't see the famous rocks of PA?


    Have fun on your trip!

  2. plavigne says:

    No rocks yet! And through our highpointing adventures, we have been surprised that the AT does not cross a lot of the state highpoints!

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