Part III – OH, IN, IL & IA

Part III – OH, IN, IL & IA

On Tuesday, we crossed to the other side of the Mississippi on our drive. And the 800-mile trip from New Albany, OH, to Council Bluffs, IA, was …


We scoured the map for off-the-beaten places to stop and see. But, the flatlands of the Midwest were just that. We have both driven through IL, IN & OH many, many times, so this could be why they were unexciting. The best thing we saw on the drive was a wolf or fox on a frozen pond in IN.

Iowa, on the other hand, was a first for me (not for J; he’s been to all the states but Hawaii). This is my 43rd state I’ve been too. I couldn’t get a picture at the “welcome to” sign because the road crosses the river and the sign was in the middle of the bridge. Boo hoo. I know Hallmark4Ever raves about this state (she has family there), but I can’t say I was too impressed (sorry!). It did have more hills than IL and IN, but it was still too flat for me. All Iowa had to offer was the world’s largest truck stop and many adult superstores. I find it funny that truckers can get Starbucks at any time in PA and sex toys at any time in IA.

We stayed in Council Bluffs, on the border of Iowa and Nebraska, for the night at the Settle Inn. Get it? We “settled in” at the Settle Inn! Hehe. I think I am delirious since I find that so funny.

Stay tuned for Part IV …

3 responses to “Part III – OH, IN, IL & IA”

  1. Shayna says:

    Hehee! We're planning to drive to IN in mid-May and hubby said the same thing…there isn't much to see along the drive!

  2. Nancy says:

    Where the heck is the Settle Inn? You should have crossed over into Omaha. Counciltucky (as Council Bluffs is know to Omahans) is the armpit of Omaha.

  3. Nancy says:

    And you should have stopped at the Field of Dreams in Iowa. And the Amana Colonies.

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