A Colorado Christmas

A Colorado Christmas

Before I get into the Christmas festivities, I have a BIG announcement to make. SILMeow and Napolean Dynamite FINALLY got engaged!!!!!!They have been dating for something like 15 years (okay, not really, but play along with me here). We all thought they were a good match, and they knew it too, but they chose to take the slow road to engagement. That’s all fine and dandy, but I am so happy it’s finally going to happen!!

Unfortunately, this may or may not mean I now have to join Facebook. I made a promise to SILMeow a long time ago that I would get on FB if she would get engaged. Yikes.

So now onto a Colorado Christmas.

Let me remind you of our view from the best cabin in the world.
On Christmas Eve, MamaFashion, SILMeow, SILAdventure, Napolean Dynamite, his parents (with a new nickname of theColdwaters), J and I joined the other 15 people living in Fairplay for Mass. Earlier in the day, we realized that 3 of us were already wearing black long-sleeved shirts to Mass that evening. We all had a black shirt with us, so why not show up to church as the black shirt cult? OH YES WE DID. The priest even gave us a special blessing. He had a black shirt on too.
We proceeded to have the most active Christmas I ever had. Most of the group went downhill skiing in Breckenridge, while J & I did a 3-mile snowshoe hike up to some really cool mine ruins.In case you are wondering, we have acclimated enough to the altitude to do this activity—albeit at a slow pace—but I still feel winded going up and down the stairs. Go figure.

Sunday, while Napolean Dynamite and theColdwaters male counterpart went downhill skiing, the ladies and J did a 2.5-mile cross-country ski locally.Of course, we had to make up all the calories we lost from all the skiing.Other than skiing and eating, we relaxed a lot and played games, like Apple to Apples, Scrabble, Yahtzee and who can fart louder/smellier. Did you know it was a bona fide game? Because in this family, it is and they love it. Don’t let their innocent looks fool you. They are brutal.

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    I heard your farts are brutal!

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