Still on the road …

Still on the road …

I suppose this is Part VI or X of our road trip … in any case, we are still road tripping through Colorado! Where’s NH again?

After leaving the wonderful cabin in Fairplay on Tuesday, we headed southeast. It was such a scenic drive and we stopped in a town called Cripple Creek. You might know it from the 1969 song “Up on Cripple Creek” by The Band. Or maybe not, since the song has nothing to do with the Colorado town.So, we stopped there. It was a curious description. Old mining town with casinos. Well, it exceeded our expectations. It could have to do with the fact that J sat down with $5 to play at a poker machine and eventually walked away with $140. This in 30 minutes time. It could also do with the fact that it is a really cute town. The jury is still out.
After Cripple Creek, we headed to Cascade, outside of Colorado Springs. Our good friend who married us, RevKev, now lives there and is in charge of potential future priests. And by there, I mean paradise #2. He lives in a home from the late 1800s decked out in marble and stone, surrounded by 200 acres of beautiful Colorado forest and mountains. I’ll take the vows of poverty and chastity any day to live there. Okay, maybe not, but it sure was a great place to visit.

Pike’s Peak is in his backyard!!

So now we are back in Denver with SILAdventure and DocDoc. There was a Railroad Earth concert tonight here in Denver, which of course, could not be passed up by J.

More adventures to come …

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