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Week 34 of Unemployment

Week 34 was really depressing and another roller coaster, but, by now, I’ve had such a fun weekend full of ballroom dancing, swimming and dinner with friends (followed by live more »

Wordless Wednesday

911 in da woods

If we are ever in the woods together, rest assure. I can save you!!! I may not be able to find my way out of the woods, but I can more »

Week 33 of Unemployment

Not much to report here. Sent out more resumes to what seems like promising leads, but I think I can already predict the outcome of that! Also heard from the more »

J, the good samaritan

We are getting pounded with winter weather these past few days. It’s lovely, but not so much for driving. And today J got to pay it forward. Twice. On his more »


Or as they call it in NH, Civil Rights Day. J had off because it is a state holiday, and we wanted to do something fun. Lucky for him, I more »

Week 32 of Unemployment

This week was a little bit of a roller coaster, but with a good ending. It started off with a ripple in my unemployment. When you file for UE each more »

Now that’s what I’m talking about

We finally got a good, blog-worthy snowstorm here. I was spoiled our first winter here in 2008, when we got a record 120 inches of snow. But, since then, it’s more »

Set Your DVR

For those of you who have the Nat Geo channel (which I’m assuming includes all of you, except for J & I of course), set your DVR or MP3 or more »

Week 31 of Unemployment

Well hello there! This week marks my 31st week of being unemployed. I have not mentioned being unemployed in the last 3 weeks on this blog and you, my readers, more »

Part VII – Twenty Eleven

We left Topeka, Kansas, on Friday morning in an ice storm and 20 degrees. I always hear about “golf-sized hail” on the news and now I got to experience it! more »