Week 31 of Unemployment

Week 31 of Unemployment

Well hello there! This week marks my 31st week of being unemployed. I have not mentioned being unemployed in the last 3 weeks on this blog and you, my readers, were probably thinking thank the good Lord!!!! But guess what? This just means I have a lot of catching up to do on the subject!

First of all, the federal unemployment extension has passed. But, I am still trying to get in touch with my local office to confirm what exactly this means for me. I am assuming I am one of the thousands trying to call because I can’t seem to get through. It’s okay people, I have AAAAAALLLLL day and week to keep trying to call you.

My job search this week did not turn up any new openings. I think employers may still be in the holiday coma and hopefully they bounce back by next week. Martin Luther King Day is coming up and we all know everyone has that off and the day’s celebrations could set employers back into a holiday coma …

Alas, I do have good news. I had an interview this week. For a full-time job. GASP! I didn’t know such jobs in my field existed anymore! In any case, I know you are all shaking your head at me saying, “but I thought you were all self-employed now and had the trail on your brain.” Sure, I’d love to make this self-employment thing work. However, the only thing I have going these days is the magazine gig, which sadly, does not pay the billz. As for the trail, it is still the PLAN, but I also do not want to close any doors of opportunity.

The interview went great, especially considering I haven’t really interviewed for a job in 8 years or so! I’ve interviewed plenty of people over the years, but it’s a different story to be in the hot seat. The company is one of those places you aspire to work for, actually in the top 5 in NH. The job would definitely broaden my career and challenge me, but I do not feel I am not perfectly matched for it. Get this! Part of the duties would be to manage the Facebook page!!! Me, of all people (BTW, I did get on FB as I promised SILMeow, but I am still not really “on”). Anyways, they are narrowing from 5 people to 2 in the next week. I’m not sure which way to wish, to be honest. We shall see what the universe has in store!

PS-I am waiting for snow here. We’re supposed to get a whopping 3 inches and I am pathetic for being excited about that.

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  1. Sara says:

    Great news about the interview… I think it is good to keep an open mind. An interview once-in-a-while is good for the psyche too! Good luck and hope it turns out as you wish!

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