Now that’s what I’m talking about

Now that’s what I’m talking about

We finally got a good, blog-worthy snowstorm here. I was spoiled our first winter here in 2008, when we got a record 120 inches of snow. But, since then, it’s been disappointing (by my standards).

Today, though, we got a classic Nor’easter. The kind where the snow blows up, down, sideways, diagonal, backwards …

This is a covered porch, mind you.

I think the snow is slowing now, but we got close to 2 feet. It was spectacular, and made even better by the fact that J had a snow day and I am unemployed …

Thank you, New England, thank you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can have all of my snow here in CT- all 30inches that fell today and any that was left underneath from the 2 previous storms. I am done with winter- so done with it. BTW- Yankee thinks that your car is great in the snow! TY!!!!

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