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Archive for February, 2011

Week 38 of Unemployment

I’m happy to report another busy week between our houseguest, the magazine and my old company. Next week I’m hoping to start on my new project, so it’s looking like more »

Our little ski resort

Today is our first day without a houseguest since Feb. 11. Don’t get me wrong, we love guests, but it’s always nice to have the house back to ourselves. Our more »

I’m retiring my skort

I tried to start a trend this indoor soccer season: wearing a skort to play. But I cannot take the ridicule anymore, so I am officially retiring it. It didn’t more »

Week 37 of Unemployment

My dear readers, this week was a good week in terms of my self-employment endeavors. Can you believe I’m saying that? It was, in fact, a busy week! I invoiced more »

Business Combined with Pleasure

We have wrapped up a wonderful visit with Mama Fashion. She was with us from Friday until her work meeting Wednesday morning in Boston. So let’s review what we did. more »

Week 36 of Unemployment

Of course I have no job update for you. Looked for work, not much out there, sent my resume to places where I won’t hear anything back, blah, blah, blah, more »

Superbowl Sunday!

Happy Superbowl! We’re just sitting here watching the game and commercials (disappointing so far, no?) as well as the Black Eyed Peas’ half-time show (Yippeeeee!) on our sweet 13-inch TV. more »

Week 35 of Unemployment

I have nothing good to say about my pitiful job search this week, though I did invoice 8 hours of work. Woo hoo. Instead, I will just tell you about more »