Learning to Cook Gourmet Meals

Learning to Cook Gourmet Meals

This weekend was pretty boring. Aside from J’s concerts (BTW, he got to Boston with no problems tonight!), we didn’t have much going on. We just did some errands and more AT planning.

But, a few weeks ago, we did something really fun and I forgot to mention it. We took a couples cooking class!!!This was an anniversary gift from my parents from a year ago! The class takes place every month with a different menu. We signed up twice for menus we liked, and twice, there weren’t enough people. But we finally got to go and it was well worth the wait.

Our class was full (12 couples or so), which meant we didn’t get to do as much hands-on cooking as we wanted and expected, but we learned a lot by the demonstrations. And the food was delicious!I just pulled out the recipe for orange chocolate pound cake we learned and will be trying it out in the near future. Nom, yum, num. Must fatten up before the trail!!!

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