Week 40 of Unemployment

Week 40 of Unemployment

First things first, my second interview went great. It’s hard to tell where they are in the hiring process. I was interviewing with 3 people who I would potentially work with, but they are not making the final decision. And when I asked questions about the status, they had no idea. The one guy did comment that the company is infamous for taking a really long time in the hiring process. I was almost tempted to ask if they could take a little longer, like wait and hire me in January …

I do still like the job and what it would do for my career, but I like the trail more of course. I’m really not thinking about having to make a decision because there is no offer. We’ll just leave it at that for now. I had a good second interview.

I also visited the unemployment office a few times this week to get my second wave of benefits rolling. While they are grateful I have contract work and am not always reliant on UE, they are confused by it, so it took some work to reapply. Their system is not easy to navigate when you are a contractor. Anyways, next week, I am starting to collect for the second 26 weeks of benefits.

The rest of my week was busy with contract work (finished up my newest project!) and volunteering. One of J’s seniors turned 90 and he hosted a big birthday party for her. It was a smashing success and this woman is pretty amazing. She still drives, dances and works out. I really don’t want to live to be 90 (let alone much older than 60ish), but if I do, I sure hope I have her energy!

And to end, J had someone take a picture of him at his concert in the big bad city of Boston last week. Because he went through the trouble of getting the picture, I have to put it up. Happy now J?

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  1. Sara says:

    CONGRATS on your interview… I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for JANUARY! J you do not looked thrilled to be in Boston- but a handsome picture nonetheless!

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