A Mini Tour of the Upper Valley

A Mini Tour of the Upper Valley

You wouldn’t know the first day of spring is in less than 10 days here. Sure, there are patches of grass in some places and we reverted to daylight savings time starting today to give us more hours of sunlight, but we still have a crapload of snow on the ground.

On Saturday, J & I headed to the Upper Valley to visit our friends and explore some parts we haven’t been.

First, we snowshoed up Signal Hill in Lebanon. There were a lot of blowdowns on the trail, but it was a pretty nice hike with a great view at the top of Vermont and even Killington in the distance.

This is how the whole hike went … boys waaaay in front, girls waaaay behind.

We made a pitstop at the King Arthur Flour store, where I wanted to buy so many baking items, but resisted the urge! Our last stop was to the Norwich Inn for some beer sampling and grub. J & I had a goal to hit all the Vermont breweries before leaving this area. Almost 4 years later, we are up to 10, but sadly I don’t think we’ll hit all 15 or so.

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  1. Shayna says:

    Darn! You should have bought some flour products, just for R's love of King Arthur!

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