Week 41 of Unemployment

Week 41 of Unemployment

Awhile back, probably somewhere around week 26 of unemployment, I resigned to the fact that my roses were just not blooming. Not literal roses, silly, but the seeds I planted in my job hunting. I wasn’t even getting rejection letters. I was just not hearing back at all. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “how rude!”

Then I had a few interviews in 2011.

Cue choir of angels

The outcomes were unsuccessful, for the most part, but they were definitely a good ego booster.

But at this point, I figure we are so close to making the trail trip a reality, it’s just bad timing for new prospects (although I am still sending out resumes nonetheless).

So of course I have another interview lined up Monday for a contract project.

Bamboozling, isn’t it? The universe is, indeed, cruel. I’m not saying the interview will go well and I will score a new client, but it just seems awfully strange that as soon as I give up on the job search, the roses start blooming.

Again, this week was fulfilling. I had another magazine assignment and got to interview a really neat man. Also, J’s town meeting is tomorrow. Town meeting used to be a thorn in our side because J’s budget was always uncertain. But now I love town meeting because I take the minutes and get paid for it. Last year, the meeting was close to 9 hours. Doubtful this year, but here’s hoping …

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  1. Misti says:

    It's almost too bad the AT is such a well known and well written about trail or else it would be a great opportunity for blogging and essaying for you! Twist some magazine's arm into paying you to hike—yep! Sounds good to me! heh!

    I hope we get some roses coming in over here—I need a job!

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