9 Weeks until the AT!

9 Weeks until the AT!

I am switching up these weekly posts from week 43 of unemployment to 9 weeks until the AT because the focus has now shifted! Holy cannoli, 9 weeks to go!!!!

What a big week.

As I said, J gave his notice, which was both sad, exciting and scary.

We are (translation, I am) making progress on trail plans. Misti has helped me tremendously on the mail drops, which has been the bane of my existence the last few weeks. I will be getting that information up on the blog soon enough. The next step will be to buy all the food and fill them, but we probably won’t do that until the end of April.

I purchased my iPhone! I mentioned awhile ago that I was waiting until Verizon got the iPhone and when they did, I started saving up my freelancing money for it. I am not a gadget person. J is DEFINITELY not a gadget person (in fact, last time he upgraded his phone, he asked for a phone that would just make phone calls. They make one of those). But anyways, I wanted the iPhone for blogging on the trail. Now if I could just figure out what the hell an app is and how to use my phone … please refrain from calling me during the next few days, or weeks.

We had our first of two yard sales today (indoors) in an effort to pare down our belongings. It was through J’s work and there were about 50 people standing outside the doors waiting for it to open. We did VERY well! Our outdoor yard sale is April 30.

I finally got a rejection letter from the place I interviewed twice. I was not bothered about it; I didn’t want to get an offer that I would turn down. It’s a great company and I did try my best in the interviews, but I was hoping fate would do its job. And it did. Who knows what the future will bring with this company?

I am still waiting to hear back from that Medicare writing contract job. They called on Monday to ask a few more questions and made it sound like I had it in the bag. I e-mailed them yesterday to check in and didn’t hear back, so now I’m not so sure. I still have my other mini work projects that keep me busy from week to week, but I still want this for the experience and new connection.

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  1. Kellie says:

    Ok, I am so excited for you and to get to read all about it!

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