Sorry for the all caps, but I am bursting with every emotion possible!

So anyways, 31 days. That’s 744 hours. 44,640 minutes. You get the point. D-Day is almost upon us.

Oddly enough, June 6, our starting date, IS actually the anniversary of a real D-Day, the one in Normandy in 1944. It also marks 1 year and 2 days since I got laid off from full-time work. It’s a new beginning for sure!

Still checking things off our list.

More packing. I am packing slowly and methodically. There’s a chance we may not open these boxes for a year or more. I may not think I will need that recipe for black bottom cupcakes or King’s College tshirt in the next year, but it would be my luck to have the need and it will be buried deep among the sea of boxes.

More selling. Mr. McKinley is not happy about all of that. For example, no matter where we put the futon mattress, he finds his way to it. No sale on the futon yet, so he may get to keep it afterall.Here’s what the rest of May looks like.

J’s last big work event is tomorrow. Of course I am volunteering. Of course.

J’s last day is Friday, May 13 (eerie …)

May 18-23 we will be in Phoenix!! Sunshine’s wedding, visiting friends, hiking!

May 26 we are outta here!

May 27-May 31 we will be in NJ. J is going to 1900 concerts while he is there. MUST GET FILL OF LIVE MUSIC IN BEFORE HIKING. Top thing on his list of course. I, on the other hand, will be instructing my mom on mail drop management, visiting friends and family and getting the Mr. situated.

May 31-June 5 Good ‘ol Danville, VA. Pack stuff in various storage spots, visit friends (maybe rock climb one day??), possible wedding celebration, meet tenant finally, say goodbye to civilization.

June 6 Fly back up to NH, drive to Baxter State Park to hopefully summit Katahdin June 6 to start our hike!

4 responses to “ONE MONTH TO GO”

  1. Kellie says:

    I am so, so excited for you guys! That's probably weird…but still, it's just so cool that you guys are doing this.

  2. Kathy says:

    Never knew you had a blog. I'm looking forward to following your hike on the AT! And, being much less adventuresome than you and Justin, I am happy to "hike" vicariously through you and Justin from the comfort of my living room!

  3. Misti says:

    WOOHOO! Very excited for your adventures!

    I'm surprised Craigslist didn't take care of that futon fast. Strange!

  4. Karen Teague says:

    That is so exciting you are walking the AT. I read Bill Bryson's account in his book A Walk in the Woods. A very humorous, but realistic account of the trail.

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