One Week from the AT!

One Week from the AT!

We are just days from starting our big hike and things are super busy, but I am long overdue for updates.

Numero uno thing requires a back story. J can’t eat nuts. On the trail, one of the best sources of protein is nuts. Most granola bars contain nuts for this reason (I assume). J has been on a 10-year search for a granola bar he likes and can eat. Recently, Uncle SlickG introduced him to SOYJOY bars. Six of their 7 bars do NOT contain nuts, as their main source of protein is ground whole soybeans. So J wrote SOYJOY a letter telling them about our upcoming hike and how happy he was to discover SOYJOYs. He added a request for any “assistance” they can give. Well, a few days ago, he got a response back and SOYJOY is sending 140 bars for him (and me)! That’s pretty much 1 bar a day for him (not to mention, he had been stocking up on them for a bit already). And he will definitely share his “joy” of the SOYJOY bars with other hikers!!

A second bit of good news is that the trail to Katahdin in Baxter State Park (our starting point) opened today!!! I was getting nervous about our June 6 start date because there was a lot of buzz among AT southbounders about a delayed opening of the mountain. Typically the trails to the peak do open by the end of May, but Maine had a lot of late-season snowfall and it was looking iffy. There is still snow on some parts of the trail, but I’m just happy it’s not completely closed. Baxter allows hiking to the peak using a class system and I would love a “Class I” day (completely clear and safe) … not going to get my hopes up high though.

Our mail drops are all packed (although I keep adding things everyday) and addressed waiting at my mom’s house to be sent. I do believe the mail drop preparation was the worst part of AT planning. Trying to plan what we are going to eat 3 months from now is about as fun as getting a root canal.That’s about it. We are completely moved out of NH and our packs are waiting patiently with our friends there for when we fly back in. I already know we are over-packed and over-prepared. Without water, they weighed in at 33 and 30 pounds … what do you think of that Misti???

2 responses to “One Week from the AT!”

  1. Misti says:

    1: Cool about the Soy Joy! I bought a few that were on clearance and ate them along the trail.

    2: Yes I was excited the trail opened, too!

    3: Maildrops get easier. When we did the three for the FT it was like riding a bicycle only better because we'd improved our ability to judge our food. You will get packages in which you groan about packing too much food–just leave it in a hiker box!

    4: I'd say that is a smidge heavy but not unreasonable. Ours were 30 and 31 or 29 and 30 at Amicalola Falls, with water though. You'll be able to judge food and such easier as you go and lessen your weight.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hypothetically, if I went, my back pack would be so much heavier, as I need about a gallon of water every 2-3 days! I could never go without my H2O!

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