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Mile 256.5 – Days 20 – 22

The trail has definitely beaten us up these past few days!! We have been with Fire Marshall since we left Rangeley and we all agree we are ready to get more »

Mile 220 – Days 17 – 19

Greetings from Rangeley, ME! We are in the process of receiving the best trail magic evah! Remember I mentioned we’ve been hiking and camping on and off with a fellow more »

Mile 187.8 – Days 13-16

The last update I gave you was from the Northern Outdoors Center, where we hobnobbed with some NOBOs and enjoyed the center’s luxuries. We even ran into some friends from more »

Mile 151.2 – Days 11-13

Hello from the Northern Outdoors Center in The Forks, ME (population 31), where there is no cell service, but there is free wireless! Three days ago, we left the luxuries more »

Mile 114.5 – Days 1-10 Part Dos

The laundry is done and we are ready to hit the trail early tomorrow morning with clean clothes, clean bodies and full bellies. Monson has been a blast. Trail towns more »

AT Mile 114.5 – Days 1-10

We are currently in Monson, ME, taking a near-zero (nero) day at Shaw’s Lodging, an awesome hiker hostel. We have showered, eaten and are now catching up with the outside more »

44 miles complete!

We are about to go to bed but I turned on my phone and saw very random little service in Maine’s 100-mile wilderness. Figured I’d let you all know we more »

One Last Post

This may be my last post before we start hiking 5 million steps on the AT, but I have a few last-minute updates.Our starting weights are:Patrice (yes I am admitting more »

Have You Seen My Husband?

I woke up next to this strange guy this morning …He looked like this yesterday until Tammy (of the GAF) took the clippers to him.Then he shaved all his facial more »

4 Days!!!

I can’t even begin to describe the roller coaster of craziness we are on. We’ve been in just about every state in May … except maybe Minnesota? We’ve been packing, more »