Mile 187.8 – Days 13-16

Mile 187.8 – Days 13-16

The last update I gave you was from the Northern Outdoors Center, where we hobnobbed with some NOBOs and enjoyed the center’s luxuries. We even ran into some friends from NH (Grant and Jill who run Untamed New England Adventure Race). They gave us a dose of trail magic by picking up our tab at the bar!!! (did I mention there was a brewery there?)

On Sunday morning, we took the official canoe shuttle across the Kennebunk River at 9 and started following the white blazes again.

The last few days, the weather has been fantastic with nice breezes and less bugs (except of course when you stop moving and they swarm you). We have gone over some of Maine’s bigger mountains (we have three 4,000 footers today!), so the terrain has definitely changed from the boggy mess (with the exception of one section where we crossed a crazy damn that was a little scary – see below).

Another highlight is that we attacked by a territorial grouse trying to protect her young!

Also, we hit the 2,000 mile marker, meaning we have less than 2,000 miles left! Today we should hit 200 miles, meaning Maine is almost over.

Last night, we spent the night at a hostel in Stratton as a last-minute decision at the road crossing. So many NOBOs recommended it. Glad we stopped because as with the hostel in Monson, the lady is selling and we are already dreaming!

We did get some sad news the other day that our fellow SOBO Overload had to get off the trail because part of his toe fell off!!! It is a bummer because we enjoyed hiking and camping with him on and off. There are about 10ish SOBOs that we have met and some of them have already gotten off the trail … One guy (Fire Marshall) is still in front of us (we think) and 2 other guys (Lexus and FootZ) are 1 day behind us. By the way, these are all trail names and hopefully I will explain them someday!

Also not sure if this posted the other day, but we will be arriving to our next mail drop – Pinkham Notch – earlier than we expected. So if you were planning to send anything via regular mail, do it by June 23. Our ETA is July 3.

Location:Carrabassett Rd,Stratton,United States

5 responses to “Mile 187.8 – Days 13-16”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Misti says:

    Awesomeness!!! 🙂 But a toe fell off? ewww!

    Enjoy the nicer terrain even though they are climbs because it will get rough south of Andover until you leave the Whites. And that is a bummer the SOBOs are dropping! 🙁

    FUN FUN!!

  3. Kristen (TheAccountant) says:

    You guys are doing great! Congrats on only 2,000 miles to go!! Thinking about you all the time. Hope those bugs ease up – Yuck!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Justin your hair grows fast! You guys are kicking butt! Can't wait to hear more stories. ~SILadventure

  5. Grateful and 2nd Nature want to know how those long handled sporks are treatin ya? it's the small things on the trail that bring great smiles! and then there's the gravity feeder and no more salt treatments.
    we miss ya'll, but won't be up in Rangeley afterall. Our friend decided to come back to NH for our hike. loved catching up on your blog though. hike on!

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