Mile 256.5 – Days 20 – 22

Mile 256.5 – Days 20 – 22

The trail has definitely beaten us up these past few days!! We have been with Fire Marshall since we left Rangeley and we all agree we are ready to get out of Maine.

As if the bogtastic bogs were not bad enough on their own, the mass amount of rainfall we got made them so much worse. The trail is wet, wet, wet. Which makes it slick, slick, slick. We fall like it is our business. There was one day that Deal fell 5 times!! To say he wasn’t a happy hiker is an understatement!

This morning, Fire Marshall declared he was going to hike a short day and go to the hostel in Andover, ME. Deal & I debated the whole way whether we should follow or not. The thing is, the last 25 miles of Maine are going to be difficult. And we were planning a short day anyways. So why not take a short day and hit a town??? These damn hostels are just too appealing with their showers, laundry and good town food!

So, let me recap the last 3 days …

We drank water (which we treated with our awesome new filter) that was a lovely shade of yellow.

We slipped on rocks, broken bog bridges, tree roots, mud piles … Why even bother doing laundry?

We went up and over a number of butt-kicking mountains at the end of the day, which required the motivation of our I-pods.

We saw 2 moose off the trail! They were too far for a good picture, but a good memory.

We weighed ourselves at the hostel and both lost 13 pounds! I do believe our hiker appetite has finally kicked in because we have been hungrier and hungrier in the past few days.

We had 2 detours on the trail and they sucked BIG time. Deal thinks maybe some kindergarteners re-routed the trail because surely the ME AT club wouldn’t put hikers through such shenanigans. A NOBO advised us to take the blue detour (Moody Mtn) instead of the orange one that the sign said. Thank the good lord we did or else we would have gone straight down a landslide!

Anyways, we are enjoying another night in town where we can dry out and prepare for the last 25 miles of Maine! We have one section coming up on Wednesday called Mahoosuc Notch and it has the reputation of being the “hardest mile on the trail” because of all the bouldering you have to do. PLEASE send good weather vibes our way!

Location:Pine St,,United States

2 responses to “Mile 256.5 – Days 20 – 22”

  1. Misti says:

    You SOBO's and Moody Mountain! LOL we heard the same thing about the ME AT club last year—trust me they are one of the better clubs out there and there are plenty of other WTF moments ahead of you! 😉 LOL, I'm just remembering the 'horrible landslide' comment at the shelter north of Baldpate and how we were thinking of this horrible thing when we got there we didn't think it was bad at all. Maybe we were jaded by then! But, you've also had rain and I have to say that I am THANKFUL we had minimal rain for Maine.

    I do not envy your trip down the Mashoosuc Arm in the rain. Have fun…Muhahahahahaha!

    Will drop an email soon!

  2. geraldwitt says:

    Keep chewin up the trail!

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