Mile 297.9 – Days 23-26

Mile 297.9 – Days 23-26

Hello from Gorham, NH, where we are enjoying yet another wonderful hiker hostel!

We have finished Maine!!! It feels so good to have one state under our belt. A real mental boost for sure. But, Maine did not let us get out without a few more bumps and bruises … Here’s a recap of the last few days.

Deal, Fire Marshall and I left Andover with full bellies and high hopes of a big mileage day to get us closer to the infamous Mahoosuc Notch – “the hardest mile on the trail.”

Anyways, we had about 5 peaks to go up and over on Tuesday. We had to really psych ourselves up for it, but we kept each other motivated all day and it ended up being one of our best days so far.

So we woke up the next morning at Speck Pond Shelter and the caretaker (this was the first of many shelter where we have to pay) told us it was 100% chance of rain. Boy were our spirits dampened and I was cursing you, blog readers, since we requested good weather vibes for the “hardest mile on the trail.” Well, it didn’t rain all day (just the next 2 days).

As for the Mahoosuc Notch … We had fun! Sure a hard and slow mile (2 hours) because of all the bouldering … But at least it was something different.

On Thursday at 11:30 am, we entered NH! Not without trial and tribulation …

First of all, it was raining. The bogs, slippery rocks and mud were just bad news.

Right before the NH border, we got lost. The white blazes seemed to completely disappear. By the time we reached the border, we were pretty fed up with Maine.

Anyways, that is all behind us now and we are ready for a new state and new challenges! I hope to post a summary of Maine tonight!
Location:U.S. 2,Gorham,United States

5 responses to “Mile 297.9 – Days 23-26”

  1. Fr. Kevin Russeau, csc says:

    Hike well guys! Reading this should make me slower to complain about the three hour hike I did the other day! I think of you guys when I hike – you're in my prayers. Kevin

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats again on crossing the border! It was great to face time with you guys tonight!

    PS – I think you should up your Milky Ways to three a day!

  3. Van says:

    Bout time u posted somthin 😉 Nicki & I r enjoying keeping up w/ yall. Congrats on gettin ur 1st state behind u…. Bouldering looks like a fun time!

  4. Misti says:

    Love your notch photos! I wish we'd taken more. I remember thinking that it felt like only 30 minutes to go through the notch and was shocked at nearly 2 hours had gone by!

  5. Sara says:

    Friends! I am late to post a blog, but I have had you on my mind. Now, that I birthed that baby, I am catching up on reading. This looks like my kind of hiking – love the bouldering!! I am so happy for you both – live the dream!!

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