MAINE – 1 state down, 13 to go!

MAINE – 1 state down, 13 to go!

So we’ve finished Maine! It was exactly 281.4 miles, the second longest state on the trail. I wouldn’t exactly call ME easy, but the challenges were rewarded with incredible beauty, much of it in remote wilderness.

Here’s a recap of Maine …
24 days
11 nights slept in a tent
8 nights slept in a lean-to shelter

5 nights slept in a bed
5 showers
13 river crossings

29 NOBO thru hikers spotted (we definitely missed a few)
12 falls for Steadee (a fall means feet out from under you … So we’ve slipped many more times)/ 8 falls for Deal
5 dig-a-hole poop-in-the-woods experiences for Deal/1 for Steadee

2 times our water source was yellow

2 iPod days

Wildlife: 1 million toads, 10 snakes, 5 loons, 3 grouse or ptarmigans, 2 moose (3 more in towns), 3 snowshoe hares, 1 porcupine
23 Silver AT markers in the ground

Advice for hiking in ME:
Wear a headnet.
Keep mouth closed.
Practice rock hopping in free time, but make sure to add oil and grease to rocks to make it realistic.
When you fall, fall on your pack.
When you grab a tree root to hoist yourself up, make sure it is connected to the ground.

Weird things we found in ME’s wilderness: crashed car, boxers, shorts, flannel shirt, hat, engine, pair of boots, white sneakers, aluminum siding, thermal underwear, wheelbarrow, jeans, pipes, fishing pole, construction signs, full Gatorade packet (which Deal decided was trail magic and drank!!)

Best quotes/conversations:
In Monson (our first trail town)
Us to clerk: We’d like to order an Italian sub.
Clerk: what kind of meat would you like?
Us: whatever comes on an Italian sub … Ham, salami, pepperoni …
Clerk: No, you only get 1 meat
Other customer: you’re in monson, man. (mind you this happened in another town in Maine)

At a shelter we shared with 2 boys’ camps
Camp Counselor to young camper: it’s better if you just don’t look down. Don’t worry, I’ll be right outside. (this was in reference to the privy)

At the shelter our first night camping
Deal to a fellow SOBO: why are you digging a hole right in front of the shelter? (we dig holes to poop)
Fellow SOBO: it’s for my footbath!
This is how he got the trail name Foot-Z

Onto New Hampshire, acclaimed to be the hardest state on the trail because much of it is above treeline (which can bring risky weather). And there are some strict (and expensive) camping regulations. So here’s to the next 160 miles of our adventure!

Location:U.S. 2,Gorham,United States

2 responses to “MAINE – 1 state down, 13 to go!”

  1. Misti says:

    I like seeing the different perspective on Maine. Other than the usual slips and falls, it was almost an opposite experience for us. Minimal bugs, only two or three river crossings and not as much wildlife sightings. The notch, yeah took two hours for us too and of course the hold trees and roots to get yourself up things, but I like seeing how y'all handled your first state.

    We'd been cursing Georgia with relentless ups and downs and switchbacks and were thankful to get to NC with slightly less relentless ups and downs.

    gah, it makes me want to do it again really bad. 😉

    Enjoy NH! It is truly beautiful as you know!

  2. Anonymous says:

    GOOD JOB! Way to get one of the hardest states done. NH is the best as we both know. Have fun and hope to talk soon. ~SILadventure

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