Mail Drop Update

Mail Drop Update

Remember that whole list I put together for mail drops? Please disregard. Well, for now. Right now, we are resupplying more so in towns and not relying on the post office. We do LOVE packages and note from y’all, but right now we are just moving too quick to keep the dates updated.

We know we will be stopping at the post office in Fort Montgomery, NY, as originally planned (and hopefully meeting up with my old friend Shadow!!). Our estimated arrival is between Aug. 2-4. Again, you would address letters/packages like this:
Patrice or Justin La Vigne
General Delivery
Fort Montgomery, New York
Please hold for SOBO Thru Hiker – ETA Aug. 2

Thank you again for following us!!

Location:Lye Brook Rd,Manchester Center,United States

2 responses to “Mail Drop Update”

  1. Could you please post some things that you and J would enjoy? I'd love to send a care package, but I'd like you to enjoy it:) Did you say J has a nut allergy? I forget.

  2. Sara says:

    Hey! Totally unrelated to most posts…. but Rob is wondering if J is going to do fantasy football from the trail? Let us know so we can inform the league! Can't wait for the next blog post!

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