Mile 722.6 – Kent, CT

Mile 722.6 – Kent, CT

Today, we got trail magic. This time, though, it wasn’t from a stranger, but from our family!

My sister QuickQuestion, brother-in-law Yankee, nephew Bones and niece Curly Locks picked us (including Fire Marshall – we have reunited!) up from the trail in Kent and took us home to shower, launder and eat home-cooked goods. It has been glorious!

The first thing Bones said … You smell like onions! I really felt for them because they endured an hour-long car ride with us before our showers. To say we were ripe (6 days without) is an understatement.

My sister is definitely a hostess with the mostest. She had endless cherry cokes, fresh fruit, ziti, meatballs, desserts to take on the trail … We are ever so grateful!!

We turned their house upside down, spreading gear about and taking care of town chores. And I have to add, when they picked us up today, they were at the wrong trailhead. Because I sent them to the wrong one!! Call it a blond moment!

So tomorrow, we are back on the trail. And not only will we finish CT and enter NY, but we will be finished with 33% of the trail tomorrow!

Will update our CT stats in a few days! Fort Montgomery, here we come!
Location:Head of Meadow Rd,Newtown,United States

3 responses to “Mile 722.6 – Kent, CT”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are welcome…we enjoyed hosting all of you…Good luck with the last 2/3!

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Guys! Just went on a short trip ourselves so have been off line- but glad to see a few updates! Sounds very positive and very exciting. Just can't wait to have you in NJ… remember you are welcome to stay or just meet to eat- let's talk as the time gets closer! Keep on keep'n on!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rock on!

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