Mile 740.9 – Connecticut is done!

Mile 740.9 – Connecticut is done!

Today we hiked into New York. This is our 6th state (out of 14)! Unbelievable!

Connecticut was a good state to us. Similar to Mass, it was relatively flat. The climbs were steep, but the good thing is they are quick. Surprisingly nice vistas too! Overall, the trail is nice and friendly. Hopefully someday, we will take Bones and Curly Locks on the trail.

So, a summary of CT:
51.6 miles
3 days
2 nights in a tent
1 night in a bed
1 shower
1 fall (Steadee)
2 dig-a-hole poops in the woods for Deal, 1 for Steadee
51 NOBOs
2 silver AT markers
2 doses of trail magic (brownies from a trail maintainer and fresh fruit from a fellow hiker) plus my family’s hospitality

1 dose of trail tragic (empty cooler)

1 dose of trail magic given out (we hiked an extra cherry coke from my sister with us today and gave it to a NOBO, who was very grateful and hopefully will pay it forward)
1 snake
1 hawk
1 crane
2 deer (these were near my sister’s house though)
1 bunny
We didn’t find too many strange things in the wilderness of CT, just 2 pairs of prescription glasses … Why can’t people drop something more useful to us??

New York should go fairly quick and we’ve heard mixed reviews on the difficulty. Hikers call it the “deli tour” because you pretty much pass something everyday. Unfortunately for us, we struck out on day 1 … The hot dog stand we had been dreaming about all day was gone by the time we got there and then a thunderstorm broke out! NY, please be kind to us …

Oh, do you like my newly decorated trekking pole courtesy of my niece?

Location:E Main St,Pawling,United States

4 responses to “Mile 740.9 – Connecticut is done!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so happy to hear that you payed the coke forward! I actually waited a few minutes to see if I could give some away, but no one came. And by the time I went to put my camera away in the car and reorganize my therapy supplies, you all were out of my sight….wow do you hike fast! When did the t-storms hit- 1:30 for us :{ OH, you left your green flip flops here (or were they always here?- Sarah has been wearing them now). How did Mac like our crazy family? So glad you stayed over and may the force (and hot dog stands) be with you!

  2. Sara says:

    You're doing great, just burning up the miles! I saw that you're in NY. If you have time, you might want to visit the Trail Blazers Camp (it's near the Appalachian Trail). I worked there from 1969-1970. This is the camp's 125th year! It's on about 1,000 acres between Sussex, NJ & Port Jervis, NY. Main bldgs are built of logs and stone from the camp property. Phone # is 973-875-4116. See If you go near there, they might give you food and a place to sleep for a night! More later…Keep on trekking! – Sara

  3. Misti says:

    Yeah the hot dog truck we were supposed to see wasn't there either.

    Yep, lots of deli's!! 🙂 New York has a few rough sections, some PUDS which I don't think you've really experienced yet.

  4. Cyndy says:

    Justin and Patrice, Leanne just shared the link to your blog with me and I have to say I am hooked. (Leanne and I have been friends forever, I live in Madison WI.)
    I admire your adventurousness. Can't imagine how it felt to go 6 days between shower. You guys are inspiration for us to sell our house and buy a sailboat to live on. (We have a racing sailboat now.) Life is meant to be lived with gusto and you guys are living proof of that. Love how upbeat and positive your posts are. Can't wait for the rest of your trip. Cyndy

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