Onto Rocksylvania

Onto Rocksylvania

We spent 3 wonderful zeros at my parents’ … Saw lots of friends and took care of all our bizness.

Of course, the last 3 days were gorgeous … In the 70s, low humidity. Today, torrential downpouring. Thank you Mother Nature.

Anywho, we are hitting the trail. I am not excited at all to hike the 230+ miles of Pennsylvania. Why, you ask? Of the 450+ NOBOs we passed, 449 were negative about PA. Here’s what they have been saying …
-the rocks in PA suck
-there are tons of snakes
-the rocks of PA will make you cry
-there are no views in PA
-have you heard about PA’s rocks
-many of the water sources are dry (how is this any different than NJ or NY?)
-there are rocks in PA that will ruin your feet (our feet are already ruined)

Sounds awesome, right?

Anyways, I can’t thank BOTH my parents enough (my dad gets upset because he thinks my mom gets more attention on the blog, yet he doesn’t want to have a “presence” on the Internet). They waited on us hand and foot and fed us well (we both gained 5 lbs back!). Plus, they are taking extremely good care of Mr. McKinley (he has also gained weight since living with them). So thanks Short on Coffee & Big on Lotto! We love you!

5 responses to “Onto Rocksylvania”

  1. Misti says:

    There are *some* views in PA! Stop and take a second to see some of them! 🙂 And the rocks will just be a nuisance, but you will have had a taste of them in NJ anyway.

    PA isn't that bad, the southern half is easy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see yall are hangin in there and seem to still be having a good time…. And I'm glad you were able to get a few days of rest! I definitely want to meet up with yall when you come thru va! So please be sure to let me know a time and a place…
    w/ as much notice as possible for work…. and what you mite be needing at the time so I can bring it. Later,

  3. Sara says:

    SO SO SO good to see you guys! Thanks for taking a few hours to visit! WE LOVED seeing you (barely because you guys are so thin) THANKS to your parents for providing 5 pounds! Be safe and we will send that care package like we promised!

  4. Mel says:

    I see that you are ahead of the post office drop schedule. Your scrappin' friends would like to send out a package that we are getting together next week (august 23). Where should we send it?

  5. Mom/MIL says:

    From the Garden State to the Rocky State . . .Since you two are weeks ahead of schedule, maybe you can take your time thru PA. I'm in awe of you!

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