Mile 1204.7 – Recap of MD/WV

Mile 1204.7 – Recap of MD/WV

We are actually 30 miles into Virginia now, but I have yet to give my report on Maryland and West Virginia!

MD & WV were the shortest states we’ll go through on the AT (47 miles combined), but they provided us with the MOST magic!! I’ll just give you the play-by-play.

On Thursday afternoon, we entered Maryland. We had done 20 miles that day and were thinking about setting up camp for the night at a city park.

But then Fire Marshall convinced us to join him and his girlfriend Alex for dinner at Golden Corral … How we missed out on this American institution all this time, I have no idea! For a hungry hiker, it’s a perfect fit! Anyways, when we returned to the park for the night, Deal & I decided to hike 5 more miles for the day! This meant we did our first night hike! We ended up at this very awesome shelter, which Deal still wouldn’t sleep in because of the snake incident in PA.

So Friday, we woke up and hiked. Nothing too exciting to report for that day, actually. Maryland does have lots of history along the trail … Lots of Civil War battles were fought here, which is crazy to think that someone could have been shot where you are hiking. There was also this interesting monument to Washington … Apparently the first one built, then showed up by the one in DC!

The real excitement began on Saturday. First of all, Fire Marshall attempted to hike Maryland all in one day … And succeeded! He is really good at the AT challenges! His 41-mile hike took him about 15-16 hours!!! Geez Louise!

Now back to us. Weeks ago, we made plans to meet up with several friends in this area. We were going to do lower-mileage days to make sure we had some visiting time. This was all before Hurricane Irene planned her arrival. Trail maintainers were going around telling hikers to hunker down. We were very excited because we felt the planned visits with our friends were perfectly timed for hunkering down!

We woke up Saturday and thankfully, the hurricane hadn’t started. First thing on our agenda was not hiking, but meeting my other college roomie Kelly/Chile, her hubby & son for breakfast. Kelly even brought us extra treats to take with us. I’m not sure why, but everyone just wants to see us eat and shower …

Anyways, it was great to visit with them and we even hiked a little of the trail together. I do believe Antonio (their son) is aspiring to be the youngest AT hiker ever at 3 1/2 years.

So then Deal & I set off to do big miles before the hurricane. We did a whopping 7 miles!!! The next magic came from one of Deal’s buddies from the Prep, Tim. Tim picked us up and treated us to a night in a hotel!! There were a bunch of evacuees from the Chesapeake Bay staying there as well & they asked if we were evacuees and we said sort of. Anyways, we avoided the rains & winds for the night thanks to our trail angel!!!

Tim put us back on the trail Sunday morning & despite the lingering hurricane wind & rain, we hiked 10 miles into Harper’s Ferry, where we were picking up our maildrop and meeting more friends.

We got to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, where they check in all AT hikers. We were #s 13 & 14 for SOBO thru hikers! When we left Maine, I think we were #40ish, so a lot of hikers dropped out and we passed a fair share.

Anyways, another one of Deal’s Prep friends, Pat/DrFlyer, his wife, Bri/theDancer, and their 15-month-old were there to meet us! Bri brought us black bottom cupcakes, which she was able to make right before they lost power from the storm. Thank goodness for that! They took us out for lunch, again with the attempt to fatten us up.

We then collected our packages and once again, received some major mail magic! 5 packages of awesome goodies! Oddly enough, the guy told us we were NOT the most popular thru hikers to come through because someone else had 6 packages!! Still, no need for us to resupply for awhile!! Thank you all so very much!!

Next up was a visit from our friends Chris/Mouth and Kayt/NHBound. Kayt also brought us home-baked goods that she made before losing power! We sat around at the ATC center talking with them for awhile, then all of the sudden, Chris said they had a surprise and more friends were coming … Our friends Sara/Caliente and hubby Mike/theFather walked in with their 7-week-old baby (with a personalized onesie in our honor)!!!! They drove 5 hours from Cleveland for the occasion!!! A crazy, wonderful surprise! So we spent the rest of the day with them and ate some more (of course). I am surprised they let us hold the new babe … our odor was pretty bad!

The stats for MD & WV are not too exciting, but I can’t go without reporting them!

41 miles
3.5 days
1 night in a tent
1 additional night in a tent for Deal, while Steadee opted for the new, beautiful shelter
1 night in a hotel
1 shower
Deal dug 1 hole!
4 deer
2 turtles
1 bee sting for Deal!

West Virginia
6.3 miles
1 day/1 night
1 night in a hostel
1 shower
Deal dug NO holes!!
1 silver AT marker
3 deer

By the way, we no longer count NOBOs. We stopped counting in PA. I know this will sound snobby, but the NOBOs we’ve seen in PA and points south are most likely not making it to the end by Katahdin’s deadline of Oct 15, or sooner if the weather turns bad. So in our book, we count them as section hikers. Just call us AT snobs …

Guess what? We have less than 1,000 miles left!!!! Holy granola!!!

Although we have entered our 11th state, it’s the longest state (550ish miles). We like it so far and are happy to be among the mountains again, but you are bound to hear me complain at some point I’m sure.

Tomorrow we are taking a ZERO at Fire Marshall’s family’s house!!! Yeah!

9 responses to “Mile 1204.7 – Recap of MD/WV”

  1. brook lockwood says:

    you guys rock!!! it sounds like the trail has been good to you, keep on going!!!

  2. Katherine says:

    Have a great zero day. Impressive that you only have 1,000 left. Stay safe and eat some more please!!!

  3. Misti says:

    Exciting! I've been wondering what kind of trail conditions you have run into after the storm.

    No 1,000 mile sign last year, just those weird blazes!

    🙂 I'll have to check when you get to Pearisburg, I think that's when we'll send another box. Y'all are getting boxes galore!

    PS: I've written 8,000 words in my FT book and am only on the 3rd day…it is going to be GIGANTIC! LOL!

  4. Mom F/MIL says:

    I found my own trail magic in your blog! Scroll down to pic of Justin with baby. See how naturally he holds him? Perhaps a new adventure is in store for the both of you (wishful thinking).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Keep on trucking! Good job! Hopefully lots more trail magic to come. ~SILadventure

  6. J. Young says:

    Oh my God, that picture of you and Kelly with the Febreze. I am laughing hysterically!!! Thank you for using real names. I'm glad to see you are listening to your readers:) I LOVE the baby's onesie. Trail magic indeed!

  7. Sara says:

    Hi there, Deal and Steadee! I enjoyed reading your latest posting. You two are really burning up the AT!! I was glad to hear that you got to spend a night at a hotel when Irene came barging up the East Coast! We didn't have many problems with Irene in the Concord area, but northern NH, VT, and upstate NY did – flooding, trees down, raging rivers, power outages, etc. I hope you enjoy the trail through VA – the mountains in VA are beautiful! Everyone here is following your AT adventure with great interest! Take care, and keep safe and well. Keep on trekkin'!

  8. Kelly says:

    We feel so honored to appear on the blog!!! Antonio has his rocks from the Appalachian Trail that he collected next to his car seat. He is definitely destined to hike the Trail!!! We had a great time and are glad you made it through Irene.

  9. George McIntyre, Jr. says:

    It is always such a pleasure to be surrounded by the "Skin and Bones" team from the AT. Our family loves sharing stires and dreaming with each of you. For Mac (Fire Marshall), he has found two wonderful lifelong friends to be and we are most thankful. Bless each of you for the final stages of your odessy. — Fire Chief

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