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Mile 1716.6 – Day 114

Hello from Damascus, VA, a very hiker-friendly town we walk through. We are at mile 1716.6!!! We are merely 3.7 miles from the end of Virginia and the beginning of more »

Deal's Bday Maildrop

Lots of people have been asking where they can send something (for example, home-baked goods) for Deal’s 35th birthday on October 6. Cell service has been crappy, so I’m sorry more »

Days 95-106/Central VA

We have completed Central VA, all 227 miles! It took us 12 days. We did stop in a few towns, mainly to resupply, shower & get a good meal, but more »

Small Update, Next Maildrop and Medical Mishap

We are in town tonight … Once again, our trail angel, Fire Chief (Fire Marshall’s dad) met us on the trail! He did this for a few reasons, but mainly more »

Mile 1327 – Part 1 of VA

We have completed 154 miles of VA! 854 left of the whole trail! And we just celebrated 3 months (94 days) on the trail! Seeing the numbers just feels like more »

The story behind the believe rock

Lots of people have been asking what that item is that I am holding up in front of the state signs. It is a clear rock with a cross and more »