Deal's Bday Maildrop

Deal's Bday Maildrop

Lots of people have been asking where they can send something (for example, home-baked goods) for Deal’s 35th birthday on October 6. Cell service has been crappy, so I’m sorry for the delay. Here’s the best place to send something (baked goods):

Justin La Vigne
C/O Bob Peoples
1278 Dennis Cove Road
Hampton, TN
Please hold for SOBO Thru Hiker – ETA Sept. 30

Since everyone is always going on and on about how skinny we look (a section hiker told Deal he looked like he was on crack the other day), I thought it would also be fun to describe what we eat so you can see we ARE eating!! Yes, we are still always hungry, but we are eating as much as we can carry!

Breakfast (anywhere from 6:15-7:30)
Deal usually eats 2 honey buns & a cold oatmeal (don’t knock it until you try it)
Steadee likes to switch it up & will eat some sort of pastry (mini muffins, coffee cakes) and/or cold oatmeal

Second Breakfast (occurs about 2-3 hours after we start hiking)
We both eat some sort of protein/granola/breakfast bar and usually dried fruit or real fruit if we just came from town or find it on the trail. Sometimes Deal will eat a candy bar!

Lunch (usually by noon)
We have gone through many varieties (peanut butter, tuna, cheese), but right now we are on a nutella on bagel thins kick!! I don’t think nutella will ever get old! We also snack on whatever is in our snack bag, like chips (combos are our favorite), trail mix (for me), dried fruit, gummies, etc.

Afternoon snack
Same thing … Something from our snack bag … The more calories the better! With the mail magic we’ve received, we’ve discovered so many new snack options, so thank you!

Dinner is anywhere from 4:30 to 6:30, depending when we get to camp. We still love our backpacker meals, but if we resupply in a town instead of getting a maildrop, we will opt for Lipton Noodle varieties mixed with chicken or tuna packets. Then we snack, snack, snack until bedtime at 7:30/8. We ALWAYS eat a full-size candy bar at night, sometimes 2 or 3!!

Being in a town is a completely different story. We load up on mega calories eating out at restaurants. It is a good thing America serves big portions!

So see people. We do eat.

FYI-there will be 1 more maildrop for the rest of our trip. It won’t be until mid October, so I will post the info in another week or two.

Location:Mountain Springs Rd,,United States

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey deal and steadee,great to talk to you the other night. NHRPA isn't nearly as fun without you there. Let's find you a job up here again when you finish! Love to read and see pics and remember the trail. Way to live out your dreams!
    Now go find a AYCE somewhere!
    2nd nature and Gr8full

  2. Fred says:

    Did my surprise make it intact? Where and when do you plan to use it?

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