Snow in TN, Mail Magic & Last Mail Drop

Snow in TN, Mail Magic & Last Mail Drop

We are currently at a hostel in Elk Park, NC/Roan Mtn, TN at mile 1791.4 on day 118. And thank God we are in a hostel, because it is in the 30s and we are at a lower elevation (2,000 feet). I can only imagine what it is like up there in the mountains … But we will find out Sunday night when we are camping at 6,000 feet. Anyways, we are here with 5 other SOBOs/section hikers/flip floppers. The most hikers we’ve seen in a hostel since New Hampshire! We are all happy to be inside tonight. Pictured below, fellow SOBO Fern Toe & her cake she made on a real stove instead of the fire.

Today, we all hiked in snow, sleet & rain. Did you know it is Oct. 1? I thought it was maybe Jan. 1! Just the other day, I was wearing shorts & a tshirt and the sun was shining!

So we have done 71 miles in Tennessee in 4 days. Tomorrow, we will enter North Carolina. Then renter Tennessee. Then North Carolina. And so on. This goes on for 153.6 miles and then another 72 miles in Great Smokey Mountain National Park, where we walk the state borders basically. Then there’s 87.6 miles in North Carolina alone. And then we enter Georgia! But I’m getting too far ahead of myself.

Tennessee has been great. It is like we are walking into fall. And beauty. We’ve seen 3 bear! My biggest gripe about TN … No privies! So I’ve had to dig 2 holes already!! Deal, of course, has dug double my amount. We also met Bob Peoples, a legend on the trail. He has 9 cats and one of them looked like McKinley, only a few pounds lighter!!

We received some great mail magic in the last week!

For example, Ridley (Misti, my best commenter on the blog) & Panther, who thru hiked last year, sent us a surprise package to Damascus full of goodies, including some gourmet meals!

Then, Second Nature/Paul, who hiked the trail in 1998, & Gr8tful/Kristen, his wife, sent us the fixings for no-bake cheesecake!

Lots of other packages came through, especially for Deal’s birthday!

I also gave Deal his birthday present … 35+ letters from friends & family. I had to start prior to Oct. 6, since he has a lot of reading to do!

And just because I don’t know when we’ll have service again, here is the info for our LAST mail drop:
Patrice and/or Justin La Vigne
C/O The Hike Inn
3204 Fontana Road
Fontana Dam, NC
Please hold for SOBO Thru Hiker
ETA October 13

389.6 miles to go people!!! 23 days!

4 responses to “Snow in TN, Mail Magic & Last Mail Drop”

  1. Mom F/MIL says:

    Last mail drop!!!! OMG – you're about to make history. I've no doubt that your wiry little legs will carry you to the end of the Trail. Can't wait to fatten you up when you arrive in Chicagoland.

    Happy birthday to my favorite son.

  2. Misti says:

    It seems so fast when you talk about it ending! I remember thinking we'd been out there forever! Hope your stay at Roan was nice! Speaker wrote about walking through blizzard like conditions over it last October. Happy Hiking!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I'm SO proud of you guys! I can't wait to hear how your amazing journey wraps up! I think you need to start planning your next attempt to get on The Amazing Race! I think of you guys EVERY time we watch it! 🙂


  4. Fire Chief says:

    I'm so happy to know you met my son, Fire Marshall. The experience you have had together has been a memory for your lifetime. As time progresses you will realize how precious this "moment in time" will be in your lifes treasure book of great stories. Sharing life with other is what it is all about. Bless each of you in your life's continuing journey. Thank you my friends!!!!

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