An Unexpected Zero!

An Unexpected Zero!

Remember how I said it was unseasonably cold here and we were about to climb to higher elevations where it was even colder? Well, we conferenced and decided to take a ZERO day at the Mountain Harbour B&B/Hostel, where they serve the most unbelievable breakfast!!

Fire Marshall & I left it up to Deal, since it is his birthday week. Deal is not a zero person. He prides himself on only taking 5 zeros this whole journey. Well, why not make it 6?! Plus, it’s Sunday and football is on!

Location:Roan Mountain,United States

6 responses to “An Unexpected Zero!”

  1. Nancy says:

    You deserve it!

  2. Katherine says:

    So glad. Happy Birthday and enjoy those beers.

  3. Misti says:

    Ha Ha! I told you their breakfast was the best on the trail! 😉

  4. Fire Chief says:

    JUSTIN – HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! Glad you enjoyed a day of being lazy !!!
    Sounds like breakfast fit for a king !!! You go GUYS !!

  5. Mom F/MIL says:

    Yeah zero!!! Those legs of yours need a day (or 30) off. Glad to hear that you took a very well-deserved break.

  6. Anonymous says:


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