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National Parks and High Points

We may be off the AT, but we are still making the most of being unemployed and homeless! We are proud to be temporary vagrants and for the last couple more »

High Pointing and Road Tripping

Since we reached our goal of thru hiking the AT, we needed a new goal. So we are going to try and knock off as many state high points as more »

Fare Thee Well, Chicago

Goodbye Chicago. You have been good to us for the past 3 weeks, but it is time to move on. In Chicago, we played lots of games. Sadly, the boys more »

You Might Be A Thru-Hiker If …

– Your grocery list contains foods invented solely to make people obese and you choose the products that weigh the least, while packing the most calories – You have difficulty more »

Cleveland ROCKS!

No one seems to believe us, but we really liked Cleveland! Yes, I am talking about Cleveland, Ohio. We spent three days there and here are at least three reasons more »

More EpiBLOG

So post-trail life. Still going well. By all measures of success, we are on the right track. Lots of job applications out there, some interviews and freelance work coming my more »

Rainy Days

It’s a rainy day here in Chi-town. I appreciate being indoors so much more after doing the trail. When we were on the trail and it was raining, we would more »

Post-trail Life

We have been off the AT for more than a week and you would think now that I have easy access to cell service and computers, I would be blogging more »