Rainy Days

Rainy Days

It’s a rainy day here in Chi-town.

I appreciate being indoors so much more after doing the trail. When we were on the trail and it was raining, we would sometimes get a phone call, text or e-mail from someone off trail saying they were thinking of us. I always thought that was so nice. Because yes, being on the trail in the rain sucks big time.

In the summer, it’s too hot to wear a rain jacket, so you just get soaked. On the cooler days, you just want to keep moving because when you stop, it’s cold. You get to camp and change into dry & warm clothes, but the next day, you have to put back on the wet & cold clothes because nothing dries out on the trail.

My favorite rainy days were the ones when I would get all geared up in my rain jacket & rain pants because of the rain threat, and it would never rain. So I would spend the whole day sweating and overheating, but gosh darnit, I was prepared! It actually became an inside joke for us. If Steadee geared up, it most likely would turn out to be a beautiful day …

As for our transition back to real life, all is going well. Had some promising interviews, I picked up some writing assignments from my old connections and we are heading to Cleveland for the weekend to visit some friends!

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  1. Katherine says:

    Have you guys started to gain some weight back?
    What about the wedding, how was that?
    Where are the interviews?

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