You Might Be A Thru-Hiker If …

You Might Be A Thru-Hiker If …

– Your grocery list contains foods invented solely to make people obese and you choose the products that weigh the least, while packing the most calories
– You have difficulty recalling passwords, but you can spit out your start/end date, trail name and number of calories in a honey bun with no problem
– The smoke from the campfire makes you smell better
– You rationalize staying in a place that is missing part of its floor, the entire ceiling in the bathroom and has spiders crawling in the bed because, well, it’s raining out and it’s cheap
– Seeing little white rectangles excite you greatly
– You smack your head when you hear a buzzing noise
– You consider nature your bathroom (dig a hole, drop a load)
– Food becomes more important than taking a shower
– You don’t know the real names of people you have met in the last month
– You can’t recall where you slept the night before
– You eagerly take food from strangers without question and consider eating unopened food you find on the trail or in a shelter
– Duct tape is invaluable
– You don’t blow your nose with a tissue, you just blow snot rockets
– You keep wearing a pair of socks or boots even though you can see your toes through the holes
– You sometimes look at a creek and wonder if that is indeed the trail
– You go to bed the same time as a 75-year-old does
– You look for coolers at road crossings

Anyone else have something to add?

2 responses to “You Might Be A Thru-Hiker If …”

  1. Shayna says:

    Me, me! You don't mind mice watching you eat and running around on you while you sleep! Blech!

  2. Fr. Kevin Russeau, csc says:

    I thought of you guys today as I was hiking our trails behind our house… I thought to myself, I'll do this for the Dr. prescribed time, but Justin and Patrice did this because they love it! Wow – congrats you guys!

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