High Pointing and Road Tripping

High Pointing and Road Tripping

Since we reached our goal of thru hiking the AT, we needed a new goal. So we are going to try and knock off as many state high points as we can while we are jobless and homeless!

We are 2 days into our epic road trip and so far, we have driven more than 1400 miles!! Right now, we are hoteling it in Abilene, TX. Earlier this evening, we stumbled upon an In-N-Out. Our tummies were happy.

Tomorrow, we will meet up with Misti/Ridley and Chris/Panther in Guadalupe Mountain National Park.

We are stoked to explore the Chihuahan Desert and hit the high point of Texas at 8,749 feet, but we made an adventure out of hitting some of the less exciting high points. Usually, just finding and getting to the high point is exciting enough.

#16 – Missouri High Point – Taum Sauk Mountain – 1,772 feet
This one is in Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, near the Ozark Trail and it is definitely well maintained. There is a nice concrete .25 mile path to get there with plenty of benches in case you tire along the way …

#17 Arkansas High Point – Mount Magazine/Signal Hill – 2,753 feet
This one is also in a very beautiful state park – Mt. Magazine State Park. The weather was crappy, so we couldn’t enjoy all the views, but we still caught glimpses of leftover fall colors and the fog was kind of neat. We had planned to camp outside of the park, but the rain, thunder and lightning were torrential, so we
slept in the car. We came to find out there was a tornado in the area!! Isn’t it better to be in a car than a tent??

Guadalupe Mountain will mark our 18th high point! We hope to be on top while y’all are pigging out on turkey and watching football!

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I do believe this year I am most thankful for the physical ability to hike 2,181 miles and then some!
Location:E Overland Trail,Abilene,United States

4 responses to “High Pointing and Road Tripping”

  1. Chris Shipley says:

    Two things – 1) how about a new goal of finding yourselves jobs, you vagrants, and 2) are you guys coming through DC on your way to Danville (or are you coming from the south)? Kayt and I would love for you guys to stop if you do!!!

  2. Loving the road tripping vagrant status. I can't leave Shipley as the only comment! Glad you survived the tornado. Maybe we can form a company for vagrant road trippers and hire ourselves. Miss you travel safe

  3. Misti says:

    Excellent shots, y'all! Now I want to go do all the high points, too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A tornado, wow, that sounds like fun!

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