On the road again …

On the road again …

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Festivus … All that good stuff.

We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed our time in the Northeast. Because I like the numbers game, that’s how I’ll break down the last 17 days.
We spent 10 days in NJ at my rents’ house, 3 days in CT at my sister’s house and 2 days on the road.
We saw 1 nephew & 1 niece.
We saw 2 grandmas.
We saw 12 friends.
We saw 2 kids of friends.
We spent an exorbitant amount of moolah servicing our vehicle.
We sent out 100+ Christmas cards (apologies if you are not on that list!).
We ate 500 lbs of food.
Deal saw From Good Homes in concert twice.
We played trains, puzzles, air hockey, Just Dance 3 on the Wii, painted nails, did the hot chocolate dance from The Polar Express, read The Night Before Christmas … FYI this was with our niece & nephew, not on our own, clearly.

Now we are on the road again in route to Colorado. We left Monday and drove 900 miles/14 hours. That’s a big day even for us, but it flew by because my sister let us borrow The Hunger Games on CD! We are hooked and have never been so excited for a movie to come out. On this leg of the trip, Deal finally got to see my alma mater!! Granted, it was a quick drive by, but I know he was impressed (cough, chuckle). That night, we stopped in Chicago to have a 5-minute Christmas with Deal’s mom in the morning.

Today, we left Chi-town and drove to Omaha after stopping in Iowa at the American Pickers site!! For anyone who doesn’t watch the show, it’s a reality show about 2 guys who go around the country picking up antiques from people’s farms, homes, etc. They pitched the show to the History Channel for 4 years before the network gave the green light and is wildly popular! Gotta love road tripping for getting to see these sites!

BTW, does anyone know a good cat psychologist? Mr. McKinley, or Mr. McK, as my dad calls him, is thoroughly confused. I think he was happy to see us, but he wouldn’t sleep with us. He slept on our stuff one night, like he was putting up a wall to protect himself. I fully admit that we are terrible parents, but my parents spoil him rotten and make up for our shortcomings …

I do have other exciting news to report, but I will have to keep you in suspense on the details for now. Since I like to babble, this post is long enough already! Plus, I am pretty tired.
Location:M St,Omaha,United States

4 responses to “On the road again …”

  1. Kiki says:

    Gah. Hate suspense.

  2. Misti says:

    My cats didn't sleep with us either, sometimes they might nap with us but they didn't stay the night with us until they moved back in with us. *then* they forgave us.

    Cats hold grudges.

  3. Nancy S. says:

    You really should go to the Omaha Zoo and to Boys Town. Let me know if you need a place to stay in the Big O.


  4. Katherine says:

    I LOVE American Pickers-so jealous. We also played Just Dance 3-love that too. I agree with your other friends DON'T like suspense but I have two guesses.
    Miss you.

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