Scenes from Chicago … Round 2

Scenes from Chicago … Round 2

We decided the 26 days we spent in Chicago after the trail with Deal’s mom, sister & brother-in-law were not enough … so we came back for another 7 days. I think we can we say we officially lived here now.

What did we do this time around?

Walking, eating, relaxing. This is our theme these days. Hey, our freedom time is dwindling, cut us a break.

Other unique aspects of our trip …

There was a Railroad Earth concert (oh wait, that is not unique to any of our trips).

There was Scrabble.

There was a group makeover (Deal sat this one out).

There was Weiner Circle.

There was a late lunch at Cesar‘s Mexican place that ended with some Mexican water shots (followed by a nap for Deal and I).

There was a presentation about the AT to a 4th grade class who followed our blog.

Thank you Chi-town. You have been good to us! I know you want us to come back again in 2012 … we’ll just have to see …

I leave you with scenes from Chicago, Round 2:
Next up, Columbus, Ohio, for the Super Bowl!!!!

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