The 603

The 603

We returned to New Hampshire for our last week of freedom. We didn’t originally plan to visit the 603, but we got a call about a month ago about a house/cat sitting gig and thought … why not??

So we returned to our last state of residence and found that the things we loved about NH were still there and welcoming us with open arms … my scrapbooking gals, J’s Rec Committee & seniors, LL Bean, no sales tax, our old landlords and our soul-couple, the Coats. No snow and mostly mild weather, with the exception of one frigidly cold day, which is also the day we went hiking with the Coats.

We visited with friends just about every day and night, but fit in a couple of other extras, including 3 AT presentations and the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

We expected about 5-10 people to come to each of our presentations and had about 60-70 peeps instead! We are taking the show on the road and added a presentation for when we are in Danville.

As for the Banff Mountain Film Festival, it did not disappoint. Always awe-inspiring, our favorites this year were the tragic and suspenseful kayaking film Kadoma and the film featuring SuperBowl halftime superstar slackliner Andy Lewis (he may be nuttier than rock climber Alex Hannold from a 2009 film favorite). If you haven’t gone to a Banff showing, go now. You have to like short adventure films. But if you don’t, it’s still pretty cool to say BANFF!!!

Back to our NH visit. Rather than bore you with my usual drivel or statistics, I will just let the pictures show how much fun we had (although, I didn’t take nearly enough pictures with all our visitors).
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  1. Nice job Beefette. Hope the sleep/work schedule is smooth.

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