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Happy 50th Birthday To Our Son … 1 Day Late

Dear Mr. McKinley, Your birthday was yesterday (Summer Solstice). You turned 8, which is 50 in cat years (old man, you are). We didn’t forget your birthday, I promise. I more »

Happy 1-Year Anniversary!

This time last year, we set off on our greatest adventure of our lives (so far). more »


Aren’t you lucky? 2 posts in one weekend!!! My sister (QuickQuestion) traveled 376 miles by train, bus and car to surprise me for Memorial Day Weekend!!! She, Deal, and my more »

Celebrating 75 Years of the AT …

The weekend of May 18-20 (yes, I realize that was 2 weeks ago), Deal & I traveled down to Damascus, VA for Trail Days, an annual celebration of long-distance hiking. more »