Godfather Part II, but not the movie

Godfather Part II, but not the movie

I am happy to announce that Hallmark4Ever/Sara & GoodEgg/Rob (our friends from NJ) asked us to be godparents to their second child!!! We are thrilled!!

I am godmother to Big Ears, my sister’s son and Deal is Godfather Part I (not the movie) to Curly Locks, my sister’s daughter. Many people downplay the title of godparents, but we try to take it as seriously as we can. Of course we try to be a part of all our friends’ and families’ kids, which is almost impossible since these folks are very prolific and I think there are about 25+ kids floating around the country. But being godparents will ensure we play a role!!

Anna Grace was born on June 1 at 12:01pm, weighing in at 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches long. She is so precious and we feel honored that they asked us to be her godparents. The baptism was this past weekend and she did great!

I am usually not a “baby” person. It’s just that babies are so fragile. I get all awkward and worried that I will break the person. I do much better once they reach 8 months or so. But, Anna is so sweet and I felt comfortable enough holding her. 

Even though he is not our Godson, I’ll still give him some Internet sensation time because he is also adorable. Here is their first child:

2 responses to “Godfather Part II, but not the movie”

  1. Christy Ford says:

    Congrats! Being a godmother is wonderful! My goddaughter turned 5 today and has been such a joy! Your goddaughter was born on the same day as me 🙂 That is person number 4 with my same birthday which i think is unusual. NO?

  2. J. Young says:

    For the love! Please stop calling that kid big ears. You are going to scar him for life. How about fox ears? Or handsome? Or back to bones. Anything but big ears.

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