Welcome Fall

Welcome Fall

What I love about BD is that no two days/nights are the same.

Thursday night, we had 3 very quiet hikers who hibernated in the hostel. So we carved pumpkins while “working”!!!!!!! I believe Deal was an artist in his former life. He is so meticulous and creative. He carved a hiker in one pumpkin, the AT symbol in another and a glowing white blaze in the last. I helped by scooping the mush out of the pumpkins. It’s an important job! He is so proud of his carving and rightfully so!

We were spoiled by the “easy” Thursday night, but Saturday night made up for it and was redunkulously busy. Five hikers in the hostel, 2 people in the private room and what seemed liked 438 kids under the age of 10 for the group rental/campground. Not to mention there was a black bear running around our property (which we never saw). We were busy during the day too because we hosted a small event here. So we really had to put our game face on and search for every fiber of energy in our bodies to roll into a night like that. At the end of it all, I brushed my teeth with the cat’s toothbrush. Hey, at least I brushed my teeth.

So welcome fall. How do you like them pumpkins?

3 responses to “Welcome Fall”

  1. Rev Kev says:

    Love you guys! Enjoy the fall!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very impressed with the carvings! And also equally impressed with the scooping of the pumpkin guts 😉

    -the accessory

  3. J. Young says:

    1 Your cat has a toothbrush? 2 I just threw up a little.

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