40 is the new 20.

40 is the new 20.

My big sis (Janice/Quick Question) turned 40 last weekend!

To celebrate, we ventured to sunny and hot Florida–Captiva Island to be exact–with 4 of her girlfriends.

The agenda included a whole lot of nothing. Five out of six of us have
kids, a job and a very busy lifestyle. I don’t have nearly as many
excuses as these guys to relax, but it felt very good and needed

The pictures will show evidence of beach time, pool
time, biking, kayaking (complete with manatee sightings – not pictured – and a first-timer!),
dancing, going down kid-like slides, jet skiing, cake, and ring bling
(to light our path to and from dinner). What you may not see in a
physical picture is old friendships and new friendships. Quick Question
has a great group of friends and I felt right at home with them and
their tri-state area accents.

As requested, they each afforded a blog nickname:
Kelly/Twin Sister
Shari/Wish Wash
Mary/Oompa Loompa
Melinda/Queen of Useless Knowledge 14

Maybe they’ll show up the blog some other time!!

stayed at the South Seas Island Resort in a 3-bedroom villa. The resort
is on the tip of Captiva (near Sanibel Island). We had just enough
within walking distance to keep us content. We ate on property, but also
ventured off to 2 very cute restaurants. The Bubble Room was an
eclectic restaurant with bubble scouts as the servers, if that is
telling at all. An interesting experience to say the least. We went to
Key Lime Bistro for Quick Question’s birthday and that was a good
choice. The service was so awesome as they set us up with a round of
desserts to honor the birthday girl. We had to shake our booties a
little bit, but it was worth it.

Some of you may have realized that this past weekend was also Deal’s birthday. Yes, I was that wife who abandoned her husband on his birthday. Admittedly, this was not the first time (hey! he’s done the same to me). In any case, he wallowed in his sorrows at The Feisty Experience, a music festival in central VA at a brewery. Music, beer, fellow hippies … I’d say he was in the right place. Though he will not let me live down his missed birthday and I have already given him 2 foot rubs this week. I will never leave you again, my master.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Birthdays are so much fun! We should do this every year! Love the blog names!

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