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The Tale of Two Thanksgivings

Deal and I spent Thanksgiving apart this year. Don’t gasp. We live and work together everyday, so we should probably take breaks like this more often!! What this means is more »

Who wants to be a sawyer when they grow up????

I used to joke that when Deal worked in parks and recreation, he went to all sorts of cool conferences. I mean, they played wiffle ball and Minute To Win more »

Bottom Line: Don’t Get Sick.

Everyone has a horror health insurance story. And everyone has a political view on health insurance. I am just going to tell you our experience of getting individual health insurance more »

An Extended Visit

During the last week in October, my mother-in-law, MamaF, scheduled a 4-day trip. It turned into a 7-day trip because of the storm and flight cancellations. For most people, 4 more »