An Extended Visit

An Extended Visit

During the last week in October, my mother-in-law, MamaF, scheduled a
4-day trip. It turned into a 7-day trip because of the storm and flight

For most people, 4 days with their MIL is a nightmare, let alone 7 days.
For me, it’s only a bad dream. KIDDING. I am one of the lucky ones who
gets along with her MIL…

 We filled our days with fun activities in the area. It was actually
pretty slow at BD during the week, so we had time to spend with her. We
played at least 5 games of Scrabble and Super Scrabble (which means I lost 5 games of
Scrabble), went leaf peeping, met up with Fire Marshall’s family,
visited Harpers Ferry, drank wine at a winery (we live in wine country –
who knew??), went to the casino (some of won, some of us lost, some of
came out even – not going to name names), visited the awesome
consignment/thrift shops in our area … Family time.
Quiet time. Relaxation time. All good times.

We prepped for the storm, but luckily, this area was saved. Unlike my
parents who are still without power, my old neighbors who lost their
roof and Deal’s grandma whose house definitely sustained water damage.

We lost power for a few hours Sunday evening, forcing us to play
Scrabble by the fire and candlelight! We had 2 hikers hunkering down at
BD during the storm and they joined us for a Scrabble game. It was the
first time I didn’t come in dead last!

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