Our Godson’s Reaction to Getting Baptized

Our Godson’s Reaction to Getting Baptized

We’ve been to a lot of baptisms. Three godchildren each, plus a few others just to attend. We’re such experts, we could teach a class on it.

But this is the first baptism where poop was involved.

It’s every parent’s nightmare when it comes to the baptism. The child, all dressed in white, picks the wrong time to mess the diaper.

Lil E (Julie/SILMeow & Russ/Napolean Dynamite’s child) picked the exact moment before going up to the baptismal font for the blessing to not only—ahem—do the deed, but to fill the diaper beyond its capacity, if you know what I mean. White outfit now has a brown spot and Deal, being the great uncle and godfather he is, took one for the team, carried Lil E up and now has a dirty tie to show for it.

Some people are blessed by holy water, others by …

The weekend in Chicago was a quick turnaround, indicative of the life we will lead for the next 5 months on the road. But, good, quality time, especially with the newest and cutest addition to the family. We even got to test out some of our sweet new gear, courtesy of Phil & Ted‘s, one of our 11 sponsors on the Gear & Go Tour.

Oh, and because I know she will whine and moan if she doesn’t get any blog time, here’s proof that Jamie (aka SILAdventure) was there.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering where the concert fit in on this trip … it did. Fleetwood Mac in Columbus, en route to Chicago. Never fails people, never fails.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now there is 1 concert Justin and I would agree on! Did you go Pay?

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