Closing one chapter and starting another

Closing one chapter and starting another

We are busier than a one-armed juggler these days. Even J, who never stresses about anything, felt a little overwhelmed these past few weeks. Here’s a snapshot has been going on:
1) Today we drove away from the castle in the woods on our way to our new adventure working for Backpacker Magazine. The transition process turning over the reins of BD has been nothing short of muddy, but we are still leaving with bittersweet feelings. In referring to his time running the lodge/hostel at BD, a good friend put it this way and I am going to quote him: “As a job, there is nothing worse. As a lifestyle, there is nothing better.” Only people in the hostel business would truly understand that. If you look at running a hostel as a job, you’ll never be satisfied. 
2) Timing is everything. A woman whose 2 cats passed away this past year saw Jazzy & Gabby on the Humane Society website and fell in love with them. Then she came to meet them in person and fell even more in love. It was a match made in heaven. We couldn’t be happier that they found not just a forever home, but a perfect home. 
3) They say moving is one of the five most stressful events in a person’s life. Please note we have now completed our 8th move in the 11 years we have been together. The good thing is I believe J was a mover in another life. Or an expert Tetris player. He has this uncanny ability to pack a moving van (and car!) to its maximum potential. I don’t think packing for life on the road will ever get easier though. I am certain in just a few days I will think of something I need that is deep in a cardboard box stored away. 
4) Although we have only lived in NoVa for 15 short months, we have developed some lifelong friendships. And these last few weeks, our friends really came through for us. Whether it was bringing us dinner, bringing us dessert, taking trips to Goodwill, mowing the lawn/doing laundry … every little bit helped and we appreciate all our friends and all the volunteers at BD. 

5) We are now on the way to MN for our first presentation!! Unfortunately, the stinkbugs followed us. We flicked one out the window in PA, one out the window in OH, one out the window in IN … there are many more where those came from!

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  1. You guys will be great in this new job! I hope your territory regularly finds takes you close to my home where you'll always be welcome! Blessings.

  2. Misti says:

    Are y'all still going to do Rainier?

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