Happy 9th Birthday Mr. McKinley!

Happy 9th Birthday Mr. McKinley!

For those who may be newer to this blog, this is Mr. McKinley. J & I adopted him in 2004 when he was 6 months old. We kept him until 2011, when my parents agreed to take him in temporarily during our thru hike. We finished up hiking, bounced around the country on a road trip for a bit, and settled in at BD in March 2012.

Then the deliberation began. Do we take Mr. McKinley (who my dad renamed McK – he shortens everyone’s names) back? Do we traumatize him once again? Plus, we weren’t real sure how Mr. McKinley would do in a hostel environment with the loads of people we’d be hosting every night. Plus, every time we came to visit, he hid. It was almost like he was saying, “I am spoiled rotten here and you are not plucking me from this home.” And my parents were clearly so, so in love with this cat at this point that taking him would put a little hole in their hearts.

Thankfully, the case never went to court. J & I decided to relinquish our parental rights and stick with occasional visitation.

But boy is “McK” getting old! 9 years = something in his 50s. Which makes sense why he is so happy since he is hanging out with a bunch of 60-something-year-olds!

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