Guest Blog by Hubby … the music guru

Guest Blog by Hubby … the music guru

So I anticipate every post my wonderful wife puts up on this blog.  Even when she makes fun of the “couple” of concerts I may hit each year.
And amiss this busy tour while driving hundreds miles a day I did manage to find me some shows.  To be exact the one and only Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  
In June, I headed to Colorado while my lovely wife visited her family for the both of us.  Thanks love!
My sis and Doc/doc picked me up at the airport and we started to make our way immediately south.  It is an 8 hour drive there so we made some pit stops.  
First stop was doc/doc’s cabin for a quick overnight.
Then we made our way to Silverton CO to backpack the Ice Lake Trail.  Of course I tested some gear as you can see.  The hike was a tough one with over a 4000ft elevation change and we hit about 12,500ft and even camped here.  Right next to a glacier feed lake.  It was a hot day, but we did have some rain and then it shifted to some ice and snow.  A real crisp night for sleeping and I got some sweet nighttime pics. 

Next stop was the Jersey Jim Fire Tower outside of Mancos.  The same fire tower that we stayed in before the 2010 Bluegrass Fest.  This time no Pete but Doc/doc was there.  So I had two people that were deathly afraid of heights.  Good choice picking a tower 60 plus feet off the ground to sleep in.  Let’s just say it took longer to climb the tower than the 4000ft climb the day before!!

We arose early the next morning to get to Telluride early so we could get our prime camping spot for the festival.  We were literally 100 yards from the stage and could sit at our campsite and listen to tunes.  But I ventured in the venue for almost every band to boogie down.  So one thing about Telluride is that is beautiful during the day, actually really hot.  You need sunscreen and lots of water.  But once the sun goes down get out your poof jacket, gloves and hat because it is like winter.  

So Telluride is my dream spot.  I could settle down in this town in a minute…. if I was to settle down.  A small mountain town with so much character, nature, culture and great year round events.  Almost every weekend in some festival or event.  
So this year Bluegrass Festival could not be better.  I think it just gets better every year.  Maybe this was the one because my favorite band String Cheese Incident played.  And they played a special late night show for about 200 people.  It was a random lottery for tickets and I won so my sis and I jammed at the Sheridan Opera House from midnight until about 3am.  To top it off SC invited their buddies Leftover Salmon for most of the evening and they jammed.

Other acts that kept us dancing were Yonder Mountain String Band, Dispatch, Leftover Salon, Greensky Bluegrass, Sam Bush, Emmylou Harris and so much more.  Music starts at 11am and ends around 2am.  
Telluride makes you jump for joy.. make sure you go someday!
Now team Gear and Go are reunited and we spent the last week giving presentations in Mass, Vermont and New Hampshire.  We are having some R&R in northern Maine now before we start heading out to the west coast for the next four months.
I hope you enjoyed my guest blog post!  See you soon!

3 responses to “Guest Blog by Hubby … the music guru”

  1. Jamie L says:

    You forgot about elephant revival, they were awesome! What a fun trip. I hope you guys move to Telluride!

  2. DocDoc says:

    Well I'm not biased at ALL but it looks like Justin had WAY more fun than Patrice that week!

  3. Mom says:

    Great pics! You've sold me on telluride (the town).

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