Adios East Coast

Adios East Coast

We are slowly making our way west, not without a few pitstops and visiting of course!!! 
In June, I slept on a bed at a friend or family’s house 18 nights, 8 nights in the van, 3 nights in a hotel and only one night camping. J, on the other hand, slept 10 nights at a friend’s or family’s house, 8 nights in the van, 10 nights camping and 3 in a hotel. One would think we are on a tour to visit friends and family, not to conduct backpacking clinics. But, alas, we held EIGHT backpacking workshops this month!! So we ARE working. 
And, I can assure you we will do more hiking/backpacking/climbing (AKA, working) than visiting in the month of July. 
But, as we say goodbye to the East Coast, here are the highlights of the rest of our time in New England.
Camping with our mentors and other backpacker ambassador team, Sheri & Randy (or Shandy)
1 Phish concert for J*
*Oddly enough, Shandy loves Phish. And other concerts. And casinos. And backpacking (go figure). Kindred spirits? 

Quick visit with our old landlords
Quick visit to J’s old senior center (glad our surprise visit didn’t give any of the seniors a heart attack)
Quick visit with our other kindred spirits, Paul/Second Nature and Kristen/SoGr8ful
2 presentations

Public apology to all those we missed!

1 presentation
the best rest stop we’ve stayed yet

2 presentations
Meeting and getting to work alongside BP editor of 20 years, Kristen Hostetter (a legend at BP)

We made another pitstop through CT to see the fam one last time and celebrate our oldest nephew’s 11th birthday (makes me feel very old to know he is 11)! 

Then we made a pitstop in Cleveland to see this crazy and growing family (public apology to those we missed … you know who you are!).
And, of course, no trip is complete without a stop in Chicago (we are debating if we can claim we have now lived in Chicago with as much time as we’ve spent here). We drive Route 80/90 more than the truckers do. We know where all the potholes are. But, at least there are friendly faces in Chicago. 
11,000 miles and counting!!!

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