Rainier is upon us!

Rainier is upon us!

After stopping in Seattle for a brief overnighter (and seeing Rainier from a distance for days and family!), we are in Ashford (with WiFi!!!) and had Day 1 of our 5-day summit climb attempt.

We basically just met our guide (not Dave Hahn as we originally thought, but we did get to meet the legend) and did a gear shakedown.

We are carrying an insane amount of gear for this trek.

Fire Marshall Mac says he feels like the kid from Christmas story.

But we figure it is better to be prepared than unprepared because they do say the string of good weather they are having is turning a bit.

So tomorrow (Friday), hands-on training begins. If I don’t chop off my finger with my ice axe, maybe I’ll blog again. Saturday, we head up the mountain and will hopefully reach the top Monday morning!!! We have appreciated all the good vibes everyone is sending!!

Oh, and guess what? In mountaineering, you don’t dig holes. J is very disappointed. Instead, we fill blue bags. Think of it like a doggie poop bag. Don’t you worry, I will let you know how many bags J fills up.

2 responses to “Rainier is upon us!”

  1. Misti says:

    Exciting y'all! I'll think of y'all on Monday! Be safe!

  2. Anonymous says:

    HI there, P & J!

    I've read your recent blog posts in prep for Rainier – exciting, and your pics of WY & CO scenery are beautiful! Good luck starting your climb up Mt. Rainier tomorrow – BEE CAREFUL! I'll be thinking of you both on Mon. am, and here's hoping that all goes well. I'm sure the scenery on Rainier will be gorgeous!! It was great to see you both in NH. If anyone can make it to the top of Rainier, I'm sure both of you can!! Good Luck and Take Care, Sara

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