It seems like we have been jetting all over west these days. We went from Mt. Rainier (climbing) to Salt Lake City (Outdoor Retailer Trade Show) to Denver (Civilmony Celebration) to Idaho Falls (Event #9). 
While all of these events were cool for their own reason, I am only highlighting one of them: Jamie/SILAdventure and Rachel/DocDoc’s Civilmony!  
Back in May, we witnessed their commitment, when they became the 210th same-sex couple to obtain a civil union and have it recognized by the state! But, this past weekend, they celebrated with all their friends and family. 
The ceremony was a little delayed because a wicked storm blew through the area. While the slogan in Colorado is “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes,” we actually had to wait almost an hour and a half! 
Once the skies cleared, the beautiful and unique ceremony proceeded.

And then, of course, the party!! We’d like to publicly thank J’s step brother for making the punch that got everyone hammered. It’s those cute-looking drinks that cause the biggest problems. By the end of the night, Jamie lost her keys and an entire keg of Blue Moon. That’s something. Oh, and J took the role of MC (which means he was the only one not drinking heavily) and we are glad to know he has a second career option if the BP thing doesn’t work out. 

No one would ever really guess that Jamie would settle down, but she has proven us all wrong. And she has found the perfect partner!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I will be the first to comment! This obviously is the best blog yet 😉 Ha! What a wonderful day and thanks so much for my sister and law and brother for being a apart of it! ~Mrs. MillVigne

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