Fare the Well, New Jersey

Fare the Well, New Jersey

Well, we survived our almost 2 months in NJ.
I say “survived” because J should really be granted sainthood for holing up with his in-laws in a box no more than 660 square feet. No one should have to do that in their life. I had to laugh at last night’s Saturday Night Live skit about being “home for the holidays” and bringing boys into your old bedroom. Definitely weird to be living under my parents’ roof again. 
I also say “survived” because tristate area drivers are way too aggressive. Before my fellow Jersey folks start throwing rotten tomatoes at the screen, hear me out. J & I have driven tens of thousands of miles all over these united states. We have a right to judge drivers and drivers in this neck of the woods need to take it down a notch. 
In any case, we wrapped up our busy social calendar with more visits!! 
We celebrated Christmas a little early with my sister’s family during a very snowy weekend. So we did what you should do during snowstorms … make fires, go sledding (they have an EPIC hill), play games, make Gingerbread houses, play games (Bean game!!) … 

One last visit with our other goddaughter in NJ
My poor Nana ended up in the hospital with a fractured pelvis from a fall and is recovering VERY slowly. But happy for a bonus visit with her. 
We revisited J’s old neighborhood, doing a drive-by of the house he grew up in and checking in with his old neighbors. Meanwhile, we didn’t have to do a drive-by of my old neighborhood or house since my parents still live in the same house where I grew up! 

Joining a gym was one of the best decisions I made. Added bonus: spending LOTS of QT and healthy time with one of my closest and oldest (not just by age) friend.
This guy (and his wife) gave us a short tutorial on social media, an area where we are in desperate need of help over beers. Mr. Clean/Jason not only has the communications knowledge, but a PhD in beer drinking and his very own plaque on the wall to prove it! 
Like I said, busy social calendar … one day, J ate out 3 times in one day!!!

A trip to NJ wouldn’t be complete without a few FGH concerts. Three nights of FGH, to be exact. You might ask why someone needs to see the same band three times in a row. I don’t have an answer for you. And thankfully, I paid J’s friends to go with him so I wouldn’t have to go. 

After 2 months, McKinley finally snuggled up with us a bit. Slept with us for 3 hours one night this week. Big parental win. Except that we are leaving him once again. Fail. 

Off to Chicago for Christmas, then Colorado for the New Year! 

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